Email marketing is a process in which marketing activities perform via Emails.

The activities involves collecting raw data and list creation based on who are your buyers.

Identify your buyers on the basis of what you sell, who buys your product and who should buy your products.

And where do you sell and where you want to sell.

So depending upon your targeted regions you need the database.

Also there are various sources from where you may get the target list of your buyers.

Listed below are some of the available sources.


How to get raw data about your buyers?

Never miss any Exhibitions

Collect database booklets from every exhibitions who has your targeted list of buyers

Internet is a vast ocean. Search the Internet about your targeted buyers

If you register with B2B portals like India Mart, Trade India, Just Dial etc. you can come up with available leads somehow or the other.

Never neglect those leads, because it has a clear perspective about buyers persona.

Search for local industries associations from where you would be able to get some databases.

You also have the options to purchase database, from dealers who deals in databases for different regions.

It can be nationally or even internationally, the research is on your part.

So now we have the raw list of target buyers at hand. This will clearly identify your buyers and their journey towards purchasing the product from you. Let’s get started.


Want to start Email Marketing?

Before we talk about sending emails, we should have a clear goal in mind as to why are we sending emails.

What do your want to achieve through the campaign that you want to start.

If you have a crystal clear perspective about your email marketing campaigns, this will really prove significantly very meaningful.

Because we need the right tools to measure the success of email marketing campaigns.

We just cant blindly send emails from anywhere and forecast about finalizing deals.

The internet has changed the revolutions.

Traditionally only sellers had the right information to share with their buyers.

And today the scenario has changed, the powers are today on the buyer’s hand not the sellers.

So effective email marketing will only make you aware of your buyers.


Tools for Email Marketing

There are a lot of Email Marketing Software’s available today.

Listed below are a few of them where you can at least start free email marketing.

However it is free to some extent, but pricing exists as per their plans/trail.

Also you can use any of these tools from the below list or any other email marketing tool.

Here I am not interested in advising you which tool to use.

The focus is just to make you aware of those tools that at least lets you get started.

Let’s have a look below

  1. MailChimp
  2. Aweber
  3. SendGrid
  4. ActiveCampaign
  5. GetResponse
  6. ConstantContact  and many more.

So why use tools for email marketing?

There is only one answer to it, without tools you can’t measure the success of your email marketing campaigns.

And if you aren’t able to measure the outcome of your activities you will be in vain.

So these tools will help you definitely to visualize the success and act accordingly to approach the leads to the right people at the right time.

Also open rates and click rates can be measured throughout the process.

And you have the insights to visualize how many times an email has been opened or clicked.

This will drive the performance of your call activities and approaching the buyers who are searching for your products.

Hope by now you have some clear aspects of email marketing.

So start using it for your daily sales and marketing activities.

Thus salespersons and the sales team of a company can achieve their goals.

And make a strong bond in building a successful relationship with the buyer.

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