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December 20, 2017
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March 11, 2018

Leverage Omni Channel Marketing, Not Just SEO and Digital Marketing

SEO and digital marketing is out there for a long time, but the future of SEO is still not known.

The most important question: Is SEO Dying?

Because Google is changing rapidly

Google is rolling out mobile based indexing and Mobile version of Google

Also Google is heavily researching on Voice

However as long as Google is there SEO is not going to die, but the way we perceive Google may die in future.

Already Google provides a Google Assistance in Mobile these day.

So you just needs to talk to Google for your things to get happen instead of texting.

The same way Google will affect SEO in near future

SEO is not dying, however text based searches may die

Yes there is old fashioned top 10 listing for searches but now its time not to rely just on that listing

Day by day it is getting more competitive to rank because already giants have taken that place.

So you should also rely where your audience are and get the most out from there.


Leverage more on other areas of SEO and Digital Marketing

The other areas of digital marketing mainly focuses on Email Marketing, Paid Ads and Social Media that works best for you and others.

Today Facebook is one of the prominent platform for where not only audiences are hanging around around, but even business are found on Facebook

Business from small and medium enterprises to large corporate also have their accounts on Facebook.

So it time to hang around not in the bush but in those places where there is a built up audience.

You can even use Twitter account and Instagram for building a good fan following

But it all depends on what works for you until you try which one works better for you.

Another important platform is email marketing, which most of the startup and growing business misses out.

Collecting emails from your landing page gives a clear picture of how people interact with your products and services

A large collection of email database indicates you have a nice market of your own and you can target that market for good sales in future.

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