Online advertising is a gateway through which you run advertising campaigns and customers find you online.

So it is a way to promote your website, increase traffic, and generate inquiry or sales?

The major options for online advertising today are Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising.

And there is hardly a better way to jump start the marketing campaign online.

Thus an well planned PPC campaign i.e Pay per Click, is the popular way of describing ad campaigns.

Where the advertisement of your company is displayed to thousands of people.

But you only have to pay for the people who click on these ads and reach your website.

PPC is a great way of ensuring that your website gets promoted to potentially millions of people.

But you only pay for people who immediately responded to those ads.

      google adwords


Online Advertising through Google Adwords

Google Adwords provides rapid boost in popularity of your service among the desired demographic.

And exposure of your brand to thousands of people who are actively seeking your services.

Also the costs are significantly lower than putting out ads in print or electronic media.

So a PPC campaign through Google Adwords is more than just signing up for Adwords.

While a good part of PPC marketing is integrating Google Adwords with your website.

And setting up complicated keyword settings for the search terms you wish to target.

Also when combined with other search marketing initiatives, targeted display advertising or banner advertising can be very effective.

We also employs a range of methods for placing display advertising including

Contextual targeting which places the ads on websites where content is relevant to the target audience.

Placement of ads are on selected websites that suit demographically to the target audience.

And re-marketing of campaigns.

Often the process starts with placing ads contextually and or by topics and interests.

And migrating to targeted placement on specific websites which have proven to resonate with the target audience.

Generally display and banner advertising will have more of a brand awareness objective.

And are ideally suited to broadcasting promotions, sales and special events.


facebook marketing

Facebook Advertising, the best online advertising

Facebook has become an attractive advertising channel for Indian businesses to engage prospective customers.

And Facebook’s advertising platform has undergone significant development in recent years.

Also it provides a wide range of sophisticated and powerful targeting features.

We often recommend Facebook advertising as a next step and complimentary to search advertising.

We have developed a range of advertising packages to suit small businesses.

The service is fully managed and the targeting is set up to selectively target your customer audiences.

So choose a range of pricing from the  advertising packages

And we’ll manage and optimize your Facebook advertising for you.


Re-marketing Advertising Campaigns

Much of the advertising that we all see online, is tailored to our own personal browsing behavior and interests.

This makes online advertising much more relevant to the individual and therefore more efficient to the advertiser.

So Re marketing is a clever way to connect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase or inquiry.

And it allows you to position targeted ads in front of a defined audience that had previously visited your website.

If you are in a competitive business where customers shop around and take time to make their purchasing decision.

Then Re-marketing is the best option and it will increase the ROI of other forms of advertising

So we often recommend it as complementary to AdWords advertising.


Google and Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing can run within the Google AdWords advertising platform

It provides access to advertising inventory on a very large number of websites known as the Google Display Network.

And run in Facebook advertising platform  within the Facebook network.


Re-marketing Ad Strategies

There are a wide range of features available within the platforms that provide Re marketing.

And we find that display type ad formats with engaging imagery are the most effective.

Consideration needs to be given to how audience lists are structured and how membership duration options can be leveraged.

Dcloud Solutions will help you out with setting up Google Adwords for your website.

And analyze your needs and your budget and initiating a PPC campaign that fits both.

Also initiate setting up advanced tracking and analysis using Google Analytics.

Create separate fields for desktop and mobile users within Google Analytics.

And help you with setting up landing pages, and forms on your website.

So you can profit from the visitors that the PPC campaign brings to your website.

Also help you monitor progress of your PPC campaign

And modify to focus on areas that are proving to be more beneficial for you.

Thus we will help you setup best strategy options for your Re marketing campaigns.