Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing is a two dimensional service classified under ‘Pull Marketing’ and ‘Push Marketing’. The service aims at highlighting an organization at prominent spots on the internet. Through this service an organization can either pull clients, customers or general audience or it can reach out to them by being present in corners where crowds are. Following is a further detailing of this two dimensional service:

Pull Marketing is a service which enables an organization to harness benefit out of those users who are specifically looking for products or services in the same genre as displayed by the organization. The service essentially consists of search engine marketing which is further segmented into Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Paid Program.

Push Marketing has the objective of reaching out to people through one or the other medium. It can be accomplished through an email campaign, through online advertising or rich media or through optimizing one’s presence in the social media which is better known as social media optimization.

Both these services are targeted at either increasing the customer base or simply for brand building perspectives of the organization.