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November 22, 2017
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How to do SEO and Social Media Marketing easily?

Search Engine Optimization is all about putting your website on top of search engines, but it is no more an easy job today.

With increasing businesses and people around the world, everything is becoming more competitive and harder.

While local SEO is a bit easier, SEO on the national and international level is competitive.

Also one of the issue with SEO is, it is time consuming, so anyone who is looking for SEO and wants to rank higher immediately will hardly get to see any progress.

But it is nothing like that, if you follow the real steps to SEO you should be seeing your keywords rank in 6 months time outside your brand name and that is not a much longer time.

And in two years time you can see the real growth by then you build up your authority and trusting Google.

So what should you do is publish at least 1 to 2 blog post in a month, build a few links every month and promote your content on social media.

Depending on the type of products and services, and the keywords for which you would like to rank should not be competitive enough then it might rank easily.

Unlike competitive keyword which you would like however would take much efforts and longer time to achieve the results.

The search results won’t show you up if you don’t follow the rules and practice accordingly.

It is a process of simple research through Google search console where you need to focus on and then you can take the right decision, the decision to chase for the right keyword NOT the competitive keyword.

Also for better keyword ideas and search keyword popularity, you can take help with tool known as Google Keyword Planner for free.

Here you have the options to do keyword research with your landing page, categories, location, negative keywords and many other options to specify your keyword searches around your products and services.

Needless to mention, you should and must have a blog.

Write great articles around your products and services to rank higher on Google.

Without a blog, you would be nowhere with your website.

Micro, small and medium business should understand that importance of blog along website.

Write thorough content and break down each and every content around your products and services. This will increase the visibility of your content around searchers.


Do your best, follow 3 simple steps for SEO as beginners:


1. Write thorough Content around your Products and Services

Content is the king, write only about your products and services

Also, write flawless content around your products and services and make sure you include each and every detail

And make it the ultimate content that your audience should read, and the only information that is available

Break down each and every content around your products and services and make it appealing.

Target keywords around your content and make it thorough and amazing.

Don’t flock your content your keyword, it should flow nauturally in your content to make it readable and sound interesting.


2. Optimize your Title Tag and Meta Descrption

Every time you do a google search you would notice search results in 3 sections.

The first link at the top is a meta description, second is the link of the blog or a website and third is the meta description where you can find the textual contents the description.

Optimizing the meta title and meta description is important, to let search engines know, what people are searching for and they are likely to click through.

So be creative towards making effective title tags and meta description and include your keywords in a cool sentence, an audience would love to read.


3. Use Google Search Console free for SEO implementation

Google provides a free tool call Google Webmaster Tools also know as Search Console.

If you are not using it you are missing something and not implementing your SEO correctly.

So sign up today and make sure you are on the right track.

It just takes a Gmail Account to signup

The search analytics section will show you all the pages on your website that are getting you traffic.

The cool stuff around Search Console is it lets you know about Impressions, Clicks and Click Through Rate (CTR)

Which means Google shows you how many people are seeing your listing, how many have clicked through and how many don’t click through your listings.

Make improvements by looking at the results Google provides you for your keywords, keywords where you are getting more impressions and also for those keywords which are not getting the required clicks.

If you are getting the impression for your desired keyowrds but very less CTR make sure you write a better article on that, because Impression and CTR are related to each other.


Social media marketing for beginners, optimize your social media platform:


It is again not as easy as you may think, that just spending some buck by clicking on the boost post button

Before you spend money on social media you need to think weather you are prepared for it.

Social media are great platforms to boost your post today, but your post may not be reached to the right amount of audience. So what’s the secret of success in social media?

And again it’s not the tools, it’s not your skills, it’s not the graphics or the images, it’s not the fantastic content and also it’s not posting day-in-day-out.

Then what? It’s the ability to read your audience’s minds, knowing what goes in there – otherwise known as empathy.

When you have empathy for your audience, you’ll make them feel like you know them personally.

When you learn to empathize with your audience, it’ll change your social media marketing level and you’ll become the best out there.

Because you’ll know what topics your audience like, how they will react to your headline, how to make them read the whole post, how to get them like and share the post.
And that’ll help you craft your social media updates which make an instant connection with the audience and become hits. You’ll get the likes, comments, and shares others can dream about.

Don’t take shortcuts of paid advertising, unless you have gained some popularity organically.

Because this will spoil your organic audience flow and you will be losing all your money.

It will seem boring and disappointing to see the fan counts slowly at the beginning and getting no likes or shares on the post you’ve worked hard.

The number of fans and likes won’t matter if they don’t belong to your target audience. It wouldn’t help your social growth and goals.

It’s OK to struggle at the beginning to build your fan base than failing entirely with fake fans and likes. So, resist the temptation to grow overnight.



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