Facebook Marketing, the best social media platform for 2018

Looking for how to do facebook marketing, it is one of the widely used marketing platform today by all businesses

And unlike Google Adwords compared to cost it is more cost effective and superior

However, marketers have a choice of doing marketing over both the platforms.

Because Facebook social media channel today has the largest traffic of almost 2 billion active users monthly

Thus Facebook is best for online marketing and advertising in 2018


How to do Facebook marketing the other way?

We assume you have a page of your brand on Facebook for promotions and advertisements

So there are two ways of making your Facebook marketing put to work

First of all is organic posting of your content and the other is through Paid Ads

So how to do Facebook marketing? Does it really works? The answer is Yes, it works so you can put your efforts here

However, we also hear a lot about disappointment regarding failure to boost your Facebook promotion, so don’t let results disappoint you for immediate results

The first thing for getting results in Facebook marketing is to keep patience

And most importantly practice writing great contents and creating post which attracts the audience minds

Second be a real audience and make your profile interesting and be you

And when you are publishing an organic post on your Facebook fan page, it is better to post it through your social profile, rather than using business name or business profile

It is the power of being you and is genuinely a real person for the audience

Being real and being you

People love interacting with a real human being, so posting your ads on your profile is undoubtedly great

Hence, it will lead to more interactions with your real audience

Success in Facebook marketing comes from the ability to get the content shared. The more shares are receive organically the more is the promotion

So consider making content around your products and services only.

Content should be as such, that is liked by your fans and your friends so that they willing share your content

If you are able to read your audience minds you can make better content and you will become the best out there among your audience.

If you fail to make your content, this you fail your marketing efforts.

Videos also works great for Facebook, however, it is nothing like you should post only videos.

So focus on the things which your audience likes to hear from you and focus on the images/videos which your audience likes to view and share.

Post your content through targeting actions, features available on Facebook.

The more specific your target the better  will be the results

Make genuine friends on your profile, you do not need to have friends whom you don’t even know, and you never talk.

Real friends will only make your journey successful towards your marketing campaigns and goals

Read News Feed, Like other’s page, comment on other’s post, share your content from Facebook page to your profile

If possible create a group and invite your friends, managing a group is not easy, but groups play a great way to share your content and engage others to share their content.

Also, connect with your real friends through messenger and ask for help


When and how to do facebook marketing using paid ads?

It is becoming competitive today as Facebook uses their algorithm to make our post reachable to the targeting audience.

So you may not be able to see enough result even if you have a good follower on your page.

Facebook will show our post only to a limited audience on your list.

So even if you have 1 Million followers on your fan page, your post may be visible only to hundreds of your followers.

Why this is happening, this works according to an algorithm used by Facebook.

So to promote your content a step above you will definitely need to boost your post through paid ads to go beyond the walls


Why Paid Ads Marketing ?

Paid Ads works best at targeting levels, so you can target your ads on the basis of Gender, Geographic Location, Categories etc. and make it specific to your targeted audience.

The more targeted your ads are the better are the results

You may also try targeting ads for free, as there is an option provided by Facebook, but it may or may not work

Spending money on ads is best for exploring more, however, when and where to spend is important

So preparation is a must for running ads before spending

And if the post doesn’t reach the right amount of audience, there is no functional or technical way to boost post organically

This is the reason why you have to go for paid ads. But you should not use paid ads if you are beginner.

As a beginner consider making great friends and ask for help to share your contents

Use paid ads, as you begin to see little bit of results through organics posting

At one point of time, you may notice that audience is not growing and content sharing doesn’t worked well

So in such case if you are looking for how to do facebook marketing to boost your audience page

You have are no other option, and paid promotion is a good way to start


Things to remember

Now knowing how to do facebook marketing there are several are thing to remember

Safety, security and precautions are  very important part, as it is becoming critical on Facebook

Facebook has developed their own system that can detect even the smallest behavior which is on against Facebook

If an account continue to send spam. Facebook shuts off access to the account immediately.

The only reason Facebook does this is for security purposes, but ignorant people are affected too in this case

So if you are not posting content that doesn’t follow the Facebook terms, you may temporarily face login issues

So this is to be taken care off, because if we do something repetitive it is considered a spam, and Facebook may even deactivate or block the account

First of all, do not share content for the purpose of advertising, promoting, dating or other inappropriate conduct

Do not use a fake name, try using your real name and make a genuine profile

And do not impersonate a person or entity, or other misrepresentation of identity

Do not send bulk friend request to whom you never know as this may lead to spam your profile

Also do not fall trap into third party applications for increasing the number of likes, followers etc.

Because if you are doing it you are leaking your account security and probably your account may get hacked

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