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Free CRM for Small to Large Business, Marketers & Entrepreneurs

Either you are a team of 1 or 1000 every business needs a CRM to build strong and engaging relationship with your leads and customers.

It is also vital for support and after sales services to deliver best customer experience.

Also if you are serious about growing your customer base, you can’t do without a CRM

CRM is vital for contact database management and timely communication either through text, calls, SMS or email.

so unless you don’t have a marketing automation system you would end up in vain chasing every leads at the wrong time.

CRM shape your world of marketing automation and makes it simple for you to close deals ideally in an effective way.


Replace your marketing spreadsheets with the automated HubSpot CRM App

There are a lot of CRM Solutions in the market but you can start with one of the best free CRM software known globally – The HubSpot CRM.

HubSpot by heart is the best and an incredible CRM Software Company.

This company has invested their time and money to innovate a world class product.

They also offers digital marketing profound knowledge for small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and marketers to learn and grow together.

Because great companies realize if the society is untrained, no matter how big your company is and how best your product is it will be no where.

So to grow up HubSpot provides free learning tools and tips and contribute it to audiences for free.

Because they know it well, only by getting your buyers trained and making them aware of your products can lead to more sales and growth our businesses together.

However no company can do it for free until they are really big or they are willing to help the micro and small business learn and grow together.

You need to have a very big heart to raise micro and small business above the ground and to develop credibility.

And HubSpot is one of those great company which provides great learning for free in the form of content.

It provides great opportunity for micro small and medium enterprises to grow their business using contacts database management for free.

However everything has a price, nothing comes for free when you would like to integrate each and everything.

But the good thing is even for managing a large team  HubSpot CRM is free and is not less than any other CRM.

Normally a CRM Software cost user wise monthly, quarterly or annually depending on plans for different companies.

There are a huge list of CRM Software available but a very few offers a great value and a great platform for CRM.


Value and Components of a great CRM Software

The first thing when it comes to mind about free, we often think about value being delivered.

However investing in a tool which doesn’t give you output at the end of the day has even no value.

So whether it is a free CRM product or a Paid CRM product if it delivers it’s job to you it is meaningful.

Expensive products don’t always equate to high quality just as free products to mean they’re not good enough.

This means zero cost doesn’t always equate to zero value of a product.

Your CRM is core and integral to marketing team of your company and business.

So what do you literally want in a  Free CRM which should perform up to your expectations, and give the best user experience for your team at large.

Some of the Core Components of a CRM Software are:

Contact Database Management and Storage

Email Marketing & Automation

Lead Management

Pipeline Management

Mobile CRM

Task Management and Allocation

Calls Management

Record Management

API Integrations

However most of the micro and small and medium enterprises use CRM software for email marketing only.

And Mailchimp Pricing satisfies the needs for email marketing at large for free to around 2000 contacts.

However here we will take a look at the No. 1  Free Hubspot CRM software based on its unique functionality.


Free CRM for small to large business – HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a fully powered free sales and marketing software with a dedicated pipeline view.

You also get a classic marketing, sales and service dashboard view for your desktop.

Choose from 100’s of inbuilt dashboard reports for free that caters to need of owner and sales rep.

Which you don’t even get by paying for any other CRM Software.

Some of the reports that you will love to see on your dashboard every time are:

  • Contacts created by Day
  • Deal Forecast
  • Sales Performance
  • Top Personas
  • Contacts Overview
  • New contact by sources
  • Most recently created contacts
  • Returning contacts
  • Deals closed versus goals
  • Productivity
  • Team Activity
  • Total Calls
  • Calls Made by Reps
  • Average Call Duration
  • Call Outcomes
  • Deals Stream
  • Recent Deal Amount by Source
  • Deap Snapshot
  • Deal Leaderboard
  • Deal Stage Funnel
  • Time in Deal Stage
  • Deal Revenue Leaderboard
  • Deal Forecast by Owner
  • Deal Revenue per Stage by Deal Type
  • Closing Deals
  • Deals Won & Lost
  • New Deals Created
  • Closed Revenue by Sources
  • My Task
  • My Meeting
  • Sales Email
  • My Sales Email
  • Notifications
  • What’s New
  • Incomplete Task
  • Leaderboard
  • My Activity Feed
  • Call & Meeting Totals (by Type)
  • Call & Meeting Leaderboard (by Type)
  • Total Meeting Booked
  • Meeting Booked by Rep
  • Meeting
  • New Marketing Qualified Leads
  • Average Days to Close

and many more.

You can add and manage contacts, deals, task, notes etc directly from the Mobile CRM Apps for Android and iOS.

And the App functions as a premium capabilities for CRM users to jot down anything at any point of time.

Based on contacts the timeline keeps tracks and shows the history of all calls, notes, task, schedules, email, meetings, and social media etc. to a great capture about your ideal lead.

Also this software suite is primarily designed for large productivity with a premium Google Mail integration.

It is designed to help small and medium business close more deals and obtain a full visibility of their pipeline.

The pipeline looks similar to below diagram leading to a 7 stage lead life cycle board view:



The above pipeline however you can customize in your own way and the number of steps you would like to implement,

So this is one of the interesting part on company’s front end modification as per business needs.

You can add and make your own pipeline and sequence it as per your needs.

And navigate your deals as you go along the way nurturing your leads.

Also move your deals on the board from one stage to another until your leads turn into customers.

Click on any of the deals to go to your timeline view for history and or assign the task to another member of your team.

Also you can drive your lead from a single screen taking the right action for your lead and step ahead.



Features available for free in HubSpot CRM

Following features are available functionalities for free on HubSpot CRM Software:

  • Up to 1,000,000 users and contacts
  • Unlimited storage
  • Arranged customer documentations & client profiles
  • Add Marketing analytics dashboard with upto 10 reports
  • Add Sales analytics dashboard with upto 10 reports
  • Automated importing from email hubs, phone databases, and social media
  • Phone integration
  • Custom views and pipeline management
  • Lead enrichment and automated tracking of website visitors
  • Fast leads backlog
  • Drag-and-drop communicators
  • Deal & task board
  • Templates & scheduling
  • Phone support, live support, tickets, training base
  • Wide range of product integrations


Features available for paid in HubSpot CRM

If you want to scale your business with paid features, here are a list of functionalities:

  • Advanced Reports & Custom Dashboard
  • Content creation tools
  • Email marketing
  • Social media suite
  • Meetings
  • Messages
  • Sequences


So to ramp up finally let us look briefly as what this free growth suite consists of.

This free growth suite consists of the CRM, Marketing, Sales and Services Hub with exceptional features such as:



  • Gmail and Outlook integration
  • Contact management
  • Contact & company insights
  • Company records
  • Deals
  • Tasks
  • Documents
  • Calling
  • Canned snippets
  • Team email
  • Live chat
  • Conversations inbox
  • Reporting dashboards



  • Forms
  • Ad management
  • Contact activity
  • Lead qualification bots



  • Email tracking & notifications
  • Email templates
  • Email scheduling
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Meeting booking bots



  • Ticketing
  • Ticket creation bots
  • Email & chat to ticket
  • Email templates
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Meeting booking bots



As a startup you must be willing to adopt any CRM solution that boost your deals & lead closing performance.

So HubSpot CRM might be the best choice for you not because its free, but it’s value driven.

Start with Hubspot and continue your journey of marketing leading to sales.

As you grow you can add more features to your line such as the service hub.

And once you are ready to scale, there’s also a list on what additional features you’ll get should you decide to invest.

So download the HubSpot App right today from the play store and start with contacts management strategy.

Because without contacts there are no deals and without deals there is no business.

Play around with your contacts, call, text, schedule task and do much more.

Drive you business goals efficiently and effectively starting right today.


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