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November 9, 2017
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December 7, 2017

How to Enhance Social Media Post in 3 Simple Steps?

To enhance social media today promotions on Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc are increasingly on demand

They are known for high end traffic, so it is an important platform for all businesses

Hence small to large companies today are immensely branding their products and services online

If you have not started yet and still thinking about how-to get started, check them out

It includes tools for starters which would help to generate post, and present it as a brand and measure the campaign

And as post should look good and genuine, having the right social media marketing tools are also crucial to success.

Thereby it will help you save good amount of time and enhance social media marketing

Also there are a bunch of social management tools available today

But which one to select can be overwhelming at the first place

Below are a few basic tools shared to make your life easier without making things complicate.

However you can dig deeper into more amazing tools later on, as work load increases

And to have more presence on other social platforms Buffer is a great publishing tool to work with.


Social Media gives you the ability to dominate your field

Most of the industry people from Micro, Small and Medium Business has no social business presence.

And social media is the only platform today where small business can dominate their marketing

As a starter you don’t need to engage yourself with all the social media platforms

So publishing content even on a single social media platform for branding consistently will stand you out from others who don’t.

Also there is an active wide range of audience online for products and services to get noticed.

For example if you engage yourself with Youtube and/or Facebook it will keep yourself one step ahead on social media marketing.

Alexa is know to measure traffic rankings for world websites.

S0 check it out for YouTube.com (https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/youtube.com) or FaceBook.com (https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/facebook.com)

Google search engine being 1st in the world, they stand out as 2nd and 3rd in the world traffic rank on major Social Platforms.

And selecting both of these platforms at the first place would be ideal for social media promotions.

So enhancing your brand on social media, require high quality post. Let’s get started


1. Adapt Brand Hash Tag and Url Shortner in your Social Media Content

Use your industry specific brand hashtags for promoting your products and services on your social contents.

Hashtags are basically tags used to categorize conversations between users.

It also helps people more easily discover what others are saying about a specific topic and participate in public conversation

Keeping your hashtags based on brand, product or show’s name is usually your best bet

However using too many hashtags in a single update or comment might leave you wondering why nobody loves you

That’s because you’ll be seen as a spammer so if you are using Facebook use only 2 to 3 hashtags that makes sense

So when you use something relevant people can filter on to find more relevant conversation

Again creating content is not easy unlike any other automation

Also producing enough content and creating engaging content are the two major challenges that we all face

While other parts of business and marketing are becoming increasingly automated, content creation is still a very manual job.

Unlike journalist and experts, writing great contents comes from research and reading.

So writing practices and the ability to think and produce creative ideas are a must.

Although there are plenty of content marketing tools to make creating content much easier.

Tools won’t solve everything, but they’ll get you on the right path.

Also read and write more for producing great content and research on specific topics

And there are also blogs available with plenty of resources on the internet

However take help from some of these tools for specific content analysis:

Writing good blog post (https://blogging.com/blog/how-to-write-good-blog-post/)

Coscheduler Headline Analyzer (https://coschedule.com/headline-analyzer/)

Spelling & Grammar Checker (https://www.grammarly.com/) and (http://www.correctica.com/)

Emotional Marketing Headline Analyzer (http://www.aminstitute.com/headline/)

Hemingway Editor (http://www.hemingwayapp.com/)

Content Ideator https://www.contentforest.com/contentideator/)


Why and how to use Link Shortening ?

Another part of your post consists of short URL links where you would like your customer to click them to visit your web page for more details.

And using link shortner looks more professional in your social media post.

Unless it is a very long link post that make your link look ugly and even spam

So it good to make use of URL Link shortner.

Also it helps to increase available limited space count for some social media channels

For example if you use Twitter you have a very limited space to publish your text content.

So your characters count here. And you can make good use of short links to cover your content to a minimum.

Following tools will help shorten your links

Google URL Shortner (https://goo.gl/) [Tracking Analytic: If your short URL is: http://goo.gl/5C1d, then type http://goo.gl/5C1d.info or simply http://goo.gl/2L1d+ into the address field in your browser]

Bitly URL Shortner (https://bitly.com/) [Tracking Analytic: Same as Goo.gl]

These tools not only provides free URL customization, but also monitor your effectiveness with clicks tracking and even go beyond number of clicks and see your traffic behaviour.


2. Use Graphics, Images, Videos and Logo to Enhance Social Media Brand Identity

As we all know an image tells a thousand words, to enhance social media post for shares

Images are indeed more important than content while you are publishing your post on a Social Media channel

So even if there is no content only a single graphical image can boost your post, if you make it look professional and appealing.

And using professional graphics alongside your images, you not only make your images look better.

But also add a great value to your brand.

When you think of graphics don’t just think about logos, graphics can include your fonts, colour scheme and the placement of your images in your marketing material.

It is important to know why great graphics can add value to your posts.

The ultimate goal of promoting your products is to sell your products.

So it should genuinely look good and make customers feel good.

Because client wants the product to look as good as the images are showcased.

This will make your customers willing to pay for your products, like your products and share your products which in turn will add values to your business.

A simple tool  Canva https://www.canva.com/ can solve all of your problems to create creative visual contents.

Creating visual content is tedious and it needs good amount of time and money to outsource for creating designs.

As a starter you do not need to hire a designer to make your digital images look professional and waste your time.

Rather than illustrating the things with your designer and making all of it from scratch, you can use Canva.

Canva can be used for free or paid to create your own designs in simple and easy steps.

It offers a huge library of pre-made templates and assets that you can manipulate in minutes while adding your own photo shoots and images.

Around 1 millions  graphics are available for free so you don’t have to pay a cent for using it on your banner post.

However you may use a premium template for $1


Move towards the Video Content as well as it works even best

Apart from regular image and graphics, videos works best for conversion rate and enhance social media post

You can use videos for social media updates, your brand story, product reveal and more for socializing your brand.

As a business, you can create all kinds of videos in order to boost your results.

There are a number of tools availble on the internet for visual video creation.

But as a starter you may select any one tool which provides you best facility to create simple intro videos.

You can also create slide shows, social videos or promotional videos.

And use info graphics for posting it to your favorite YouTube or Facebook Channels.

You may research at your end and find the best tool or outsource it to firms who specialize in content video creation.

Five Frames is one of them: https://5frames.com/

They offer Animated Explainer Videos, Whiteboard Explainer VideosApp Demo Videos, Appstore Preview Videos, Website Video and much more.

However Filmora is great, you may purchase a lifetime liscense for 1 user, because you will need it often and everyday.



3. Add Google Analytics and enhance Social Media Reporting

If you are wondering what is Google Analytics Account, you can create one for free.

First create a Gmail ID, than you explore to analytics.google.com

Find the tracking code and install the code to the website

Measuring you social media post is crucial to success of your campaigns.

Google Analytics is the best free reporting tools which provides you with insights from all channels

And also helps to find out which social media users tend to convert into leads and customers using goals and conversion tracking.

But what you can’t find out from standard Google Analytics reports is the type of social media link that drove the traffic to your website.

Here is where UTM Parameter comes to play which is beyond the scope for this article

So get acquainted with the campaign URL builder (https://ga-dev-tools.appspot.com/campaign-url-builder/).

Tracking social media now just got a lot easier to enhance social media reporting

New Google Analytics received a whole new batch of social reports that break down social traffic

So you know whether or not your social media marketing is working

New Social Tracking allows for a standardized framework for measuring social actions on website.

It also makes easier for a company with multiple social media accounts to consolidate their social metrics into one trusted measurement platform.


Where to find the Social Reports?

Find social reports in the Acquisition section of Google Analytics. Here’s a step-by-step procedure:

Log into Google Analytics and go to standard reports

In the left sidebar, click “ACQUISITION”

Then select “SOCIAL”

And all Social Reports View on Dropdown

However there is one disadvantage, the reports would show blank if you haven’t set up any goals, it would asks you to set up goals before it can display any data

And get conversion and revenue data by setting up value for the goals

Hope this would simplify your social media post promotions and gain maximum traffic




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