ERP Software Solutions for Small Business

Discrete Manufacturing Solutions for Enterprises

Manage Simple to Complex Inventory & Handle Complex Production Life Cycles


CRM for Sales & Marketing, Close More in Less Time

Domain: Real Estate, Tour & Travel, Financial Services, Education

Result Driven Sales CRM Software, Customizable & Flexible, Increases your ROI


Collaborative Accounting Does Not Get Easier, Is It?

Manage your Entire Business with Multi Branches & Companies

Multi Location

Create Unlimited Firms/Branch

Consolidated Reports

Get Reports for all Branches

Auto Posting Entries

Auto Posting for Inter Branches

Auto Reconciliation

Auto Reconciliation of Branches

Control User Access

Control User Access to all Branches

Real-time Synchronization

Seamless Data Synchronization

User Access Control

Control User Access to Various Branches

User Level Permission

Create Company Level Permission

Distributed Environment

Work with Large No. of Concurrent Users

High Volume/High Speed

Handle Large Volume of Transactions

Upload Documents to the Cloud Directly or via Dropbox

Move to a Green & Paperless Office

A revolutionary feature, scan and back up every single document and

attach it to the relevant accounting entry. Upload bills to the cloud, define rules for approving

bills for payment, retrieve old uploaded bills & document, centralize book keeping, get payment approval

on the go, get concurrent audit done and access documents

anytime and anywhere on smart devices

Accounting, Payroll and Payments. Together Works Smarter.

Simplify your business with accounting, payments, and payroll working together.

Upload Offer Letters, Employee Documents

Leave Management

Advances & Adjustments

Flexible Salary Structures

Salary Calculation

Branch Wise Salary Processing

Upload Investment Declarations

Automated Mailers for Pay Slips

Employee Log-In for Accessing Salary Slips

Sync Data Automatically to Accounts

Compliance Reports

Time Sheets for Project Costing & Profitability

Scale & Grow Your Business with ERP on the Cloud

Better Manufacturing, Complex Inventory & Order Management

Our Implementation Plan

Our strategies for successful implementation of your project

Project Preparation

Project Organization and Standards

Prepare Project Charter

Initial Project Plan


Project Team Organization

Technical Requirements & Planning

Standards & Procedures

Level 1 Training

Executive Kickoff Meeting

Business Blueprint

Q & A


Business Strategy


General Settings

Master Data

Business Process Analysis

Cross Application

Developing Business Blue Print

Gap Analysis

Level 2 Training

Management Review

Realization of Project

Master Data Preparation

Developing Business Blue Print

Organization & Business Process


Business Process Planning

Configuration Plan

Testing Plan & Test Confirmation

Development Programs

End User Training Material

Final Project Preparation

Stress Testing

Volume Testing

Cut Over Plan

Technical Operation Manual

Deliver End User Training

Department Wise Training

Go Live & Support

Monitor Data Entries

System Performance

Follow Ups


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