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March 21, 2016

Cloud ERP Solutions for Small Business | ERP for Manufacturing

Cloud ERP Solutions for Small Business has been gaining momentum as companies look for ways to reduce the upfront costs of ERP systems.

And to speed up deployment times so as to make it easier to customize software for their individual needs.

Unlike traditional ERP systems, which are installed on servers and hardware located on a company’s premises.

Cloud ERP Solutions are installed on a third-party server like Amazon Web Services or a Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

So software are delivered via a cloud computing model.

Often used for two-tier ERP deployments.

Cloud ERP solutions has become increasingly popular today for small business and micro enterprises.

The top two ERP vendors in terms of overall market share are SAP and Oracle.

And even though these are world’s top ERP vendors, they also have entirely a different cloud ERP model for small and medium business.

SAP has come up with SAP Business By Design and Oracle has come up with Oracle E-Business Suite.

But companies such as NetSuite, Epicor, Acumatica, Odoo are among the pioneers of cloud-based ERP.

And are highly active in the market today with cloud based ERP Systems.

A two-tier ERP model in companies run more than one ERP system.

Often a primary one at headquarters and additional cloud-ERP services at subsidiaries.

This is popular with many customers of ERP vendors.

However cloud erp solutions that are designed today by most of the vendors have enough integration.

So a two-tier company who run multiple software can get rid of it by adopting the right cloud ERP system.

The fast growing new businesses typically began in the cloud.

They use a single code base and a single instance of cloud ERP software and it is tightly integrated.


List of Cloud ERP Solutions: Classic Enterprise Software for Small Business

Let’s look at the hot list of Cloud ERP Software for SMB segments. These ERP solutions for small and medium business adds real value to your Enterprise.

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