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August 31, 2017
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September 28, 2017

Cloud Based CRM for Small Business and Service Sector

Have you ever tried a cloud based CRM for small business or for maintenance services on machinery?

Adopting a cloud based CRM for small business can boost ones reputation and score for firms

So as we all know every economy consists of three sectors.

The primary sector focuses on extraction such as mining, agriculture and fishing.

And the secondary sector focuses on manufacturing.

The tertiary sector focuses delicately on the services related to service industry.

Thus service industry involves the provision of services to businesses as well as final consumers.

So services may involve transport, distribution and sale of goods from producer to a consumer

And as may happen in wholesaling and retailing, or may involve the provision of a service.

Goods may be transformed in the process of providing a service, also as happens in the restaurant industry or in equipment repair.

Also the focus is on people interacting with people and serving the customer rather than transforming physical goods.

And the nature of services may vary from one business sector to another sector

However the principle remains the same,  we are here to provide services with respect to CRM.


An Effective Way to manage Services with Cloud based CRM for Small Business

As the service industry continues to grow over time, vendors are finding a way out to serve their customer in an effective and efficient way.

Also IT service industry has been providing services to such sectors to eliminate the chaos between supplier and consumer gap.

And through bringing out software services in the form of cloud CRM.

Depending on sale of the product to servicing of the product.

cloud based CRM software can effectively handle the process that are involved in the services industry. So let’s get started


Keeping track of your business contacts through cloud based CRM for small business

CRM services helps you to keep track of all your business contacts at a single place.

Thus you can keep track of your contacts for prospective customers, existing customers, vendors, trading partners, agents and transporters.

And along with the contacts also you can keep track of service history for all customers at one place.


Manage your customer calls, schedules and maintenance

If you are providing services on equipment and machines.

You can manage all incoming calls related to services like machine breakdown and maintenance, equipment repair etc.

And this allows you to set priorities and assign task to engineers on time.


Follow-ups, Activities & Notes

Cloud based CRM for small business and services makes it easy to enter and track follow-ups or activities required on the services leads.

Get timely email reminders of your follow-ups.

Track today’s follow-ups, upcoming follow-ups and overdue follow-ups from CRM Dashboard.

You can keep record of completed follow-ups along with easy entry of next follow-up from the single screen.

And enter lead related notes for your internal users, supervisors, or any other task etc.


Executives hierarchy and service leads view permissions

Setup Executives/Engineers hierarchy on your cloud base CRM for small business

So executives and their supervisors can only see the leads related to their support team/division.

For a large service industry there can me several departments.

Every department may have different responsibilites and a different team. CRM will help track all service leads for specific team members.


Use Mobile Apps to Close  Leads or Schedule next Followup anytime and anywhere

Either it is a maintenance services call or a sales call.

Immediate and on time services are mandatory for smooth functioning of business

So in case the task cannot  complete due to any reason.

The activities and incoming calls to close are closed by daily follow-ups or by setting up a new followup

Cloud based CRM can provides you the ease of scheduling the task for an upcoming date through mobile apps.

This ensures that your followup do not skip and you ensure timely delivery of services to customers.


Take Service Lead Reports related to frequency of services provided

The art of keeping customers happy is the soul of CRM.

Also it is very important to know the frequency of services that are being provided to customer

And whether the customer has still complains and is unhappy.

So Service Lead report will help you track the in and out history to serve you with the correct information.

And to take the right decision on time.



If you are a service industry and managing a team of engineers and services for machine maintenance or any other kind of equipment services.

We can help you out by providing the best CRM solutions for your concerns related to services.

Also if you have found the above information useful please share.

And do contact us for more information


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