Are you looking for best way to  increase Facebook page likes?

So if you are genuinely looking for it, follow only the best way to increase Facebook page likes safely.

There are plenty of topics and articles today in the internet about how to increase your Facebook page likes

But what works the best and what doesn’t is quite difficult to guess

And there are more than 50 way to increase Facebook pages like

So how do you do it ultimately is the question?

However getting started with the right approach is one that needs to be focused

But what is the best way to do it and how to do it is quite intruding and tricky at the beginning

Today there are more than  40 million small businesses using Facebook

If you are one of them, you already know how hard it is to attract new page likes

New page like acts as subscribers to Facebook pages and thus customers are connected directly

So it is the most important part of growing business and to reach around potential customers

And so here are the best way to increase Facebook page likes, lets get started


What is the best way to increase Facebook page likes?

First of all if you are a business and you are managing your Facebook account

Never try tricks to increase Facebook page likes

You might have come across many articles on the net which talks about instant likes

And you are required to sign in with your id and password, so get rid of it

Try to resist from gaining likes using all the strategies which may lead to block your page

Because the page blocked by Facebook on such actions are difficult to recover

Also you will loose all the hard work done to manage your page and even loose all your existing fans

So specially for business do not try using third party websites to increase Facebook likes

Instead use the most common way to get like to your Facebook page

One simple way that we all know is adding your friends, colleagues and business partners to like your page

Also run contest and participation

And offer discounts and gift vouchers just for Fans as an way to like your page

Publish eye catching images related to your products and services

Great images and publishing content attract new visitor to share your content and also like your posts and page.

So we all know there is a way to invite those visitors to like our page who likes our post

Also post regularly and at least 3 posts in an week is great

Join Group and offer thoughtful advice and insights

And share your post to wherever possible for traffic traction

Also reference your Facebook page like button on your website or blog

And use only paid ads for best results using Facebook Ads Manager/Power Editor


Why and how of Facebook Ads Manager/Power Editor?

Perhaps you know Facebook itself is a business and is here to earn from the industry

Facebook is in the market to earn from advertisements like every business does to sell their services and products

We all sell, without selling we cannot manage our operations

So if it was so easy to make million of fans without paying a penny, it would be a million dollar business for all

So to get the best reach out from Facebook ads, spending on ads is a good deal because it is one of the cheapest way to increase followers on your page.

And irrespective of what your business is all about

Facebook provides efficient way to manage and address your products and services to the right community

And also to the  group of people interested in your products and services

So one of the sure shot way to promote your Facebook page for likes is to create and run ads

And it is the only way and one of the best way to increase Facebook page likes for followers

Also promote your page to any desired location through targeting ads

And get the desired likes to your page from those regions which you have targeted

So let’s point out some of the important aspects while creating ads

Always create Ads through the create Ads button found on the right side of page/profile.


Conclusion: Targeting Facebook Ads

On clicking the Create Ads button it is redirected to Ads Manager

On consideration area choose engagement and than click page likes and give a name to the campaign

All above things are easy to setup and create, but keep in mind few important thing

First of all select regions wisely for likes to perform on cheap rates

And selecting the worldwide region is best for overall page likes as it targets the whole world region

After that wisely exclude the countries or region which are costly

Doing this would let the campaign cost less and get more likes and followers

After publishing the Ads, the Ads manager shows all the campaigns, it consists of 4 parts viz. Account Overview, Campaigns, Ads Sets and Ads

So click on the campaign and select the campaign name, and than move to Ads where the Ads are displayed

Just duplicate the Ads for 3 to 5 times to make copies of same Ads

And keep a watch over all the Ads after an hours or more to check which of the Ads are performing better

Turn off other ads and keep only one active Ads with the best going

This is how campaigns will have better results and cost low

So one of the best way to increase Facebook page likes starts from publishing Paid Ads and it is the only safe way to get instant likes

Hope the above information is helpful for you and would help you in creating Facebook Ads for your campaigns



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