Analytic and Webmaster tools help you to identify opportunities to improvise your business and marketing attempts.

It helps monitor and track your visitors and users

Easy to measure key performance indicators ( KPI)

Insight into ways to improve your website optimization efforts.

It can help you formulate a sales and e-marketing plan

Optimize conversion through click-path tracking, and navigation and content adjustment.

Helps you identify online revenue-enhancing opportunities.



google analytics

Knowing how many hits your website is receiving is one of best thing to know.

And the sources from where traffic is being generated is even another opportunity

However which keywords internet users are typing to get to your website is more great.

Because it helps you better understand online trends and mold your Internet marketing strategy accordingly.

So Google Analytics is one of the most powerful resource that can give you detailed data and reports on your site’s performance.

The best part of Google Analytics is that it can track visitors to your website from all possible sources.

Sources including search engines, internet advertisements, pay-per-click advertisement campaigns and more.

A major advantage of Google Analytics is that it offers a great spectrum of functionalities at absolutely no cost.

And this helps you save money on your Internet marketing budget as you have all data required ready at hand without spending anything.

We help you set up your own Google Analytic account and business strategies to help you achieve success.



bing analytics

Analytics is the lifeblood to successful search advertising.

Insights gained from analyzing your data allows you to enhance and optimize your campaigns.

Connect the right message with the right customer, and make the most of your advertising budget.

You’ll see how your business goals connect with your ads and keywords.

Also how customers get to conversions, and where you may have new opportunities.

Once you know where, when and how conversions are happening, you’ll be armed with the information you need to effectively optimize your campaign.

For example, if you see high click-through rates, but low conversions, try updating your landing page copy.

Or put your purchase offer in a more visible location on the page.

As another example, if customers reach your conversion page, but visit other pages instead of converting,

Then try adding your call to action in those other pages where they are showing interest.

We help you set up your own Bing Analytic account and business strategies to help you achieve success.