SME’s to align marketing goals with CRM in Cloud

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October 22, 2016
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SME’s to align marketing goals with CRM in Cloud

SME’s today on CRM

Customer Relationship Management is popularly know today as a technology used in attracting new and profitable customers, while forming stronger bond with existing ones.  Today it is widely used by most marketers and organisations for sales and marketing operations to unify its customer interaction in maintaining and creating relationships with customers. SME’s can enhance the accuracy, timeliness and success of all customer interaction and their related processes. Deploying CRM facility through cloud is more followed by the SME’s rather than large firms around the world, putting the customer information in a secure system which is available only to the authorized people for use.


CRM in Cloud

CRM is a part of SAAS Model offered under cloud computing. This model provides complete functionality to address even the minute requirements of the companies. It acts as a cost saver as the companies pay only for the amount and duration of usage of CRM software and the data hosting. CRM which is used by cloud computing is available on the internet or on the server. It generally allows organizations to manage their data and information more effectively and enables it to provide better customer service.


Why align CRM with Sales and Marketing activities?

It enables marketing teams gains greater insight into the behavior and preferences of their target audience. They intelligently plan and execute highly targeted and sophisticated campaigns and promotions through multiple channels and monitor the results.

Call center agents provide a greater customer experience through faster response times and quicker resolution to any customer issue. It also helps staff to actively participate in up-sell and cross-sell initiatives and other sales and marketing promotions

Support staff to promptly address customer issues by leveraging a comprehensive knowledge base, coordinating and dispatching field resources when needed, and tracking the progress of every problem from the time a job ticket is opened until it is resolved.

Management to gain complete visibility into all customer-facing processes across multiple departments and accurately assess performance.


Major benefits of SME for CRM in Cloud

Cost Effective
Enhanced Productivity
Increase in Business Growth
Prompt Service
Critical Sales Planning

The disadvantages of CRM in clouds are restrictions in customization, limited integration with other information systems and storage of sensitive data at service provider’s server.


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