We are a Digital Marketing Agency and an SEO Company in Ludhiana, providing professional SEO and digital marketing services to micro enterprises and small and medium businesses

We started as an IT and business consulting service providers to provide digital transformation for small to mid-sized organizations

Started in the Year 2015 with a vision to offer creative and dynamic online marketing solutions and internet marketing services such as:

SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Email Marketing, PPC Management, Advanced Google Analytic & Reporting Services & E-Commerce website development using WooCommerce, OpenCart & PrestaShop framework

We also provide web design services on WordPress and provide content marketing services to build traffic to your business website using superior content ideas, to boost your presence on the internet and isolate & optimize your content for search engines around trending keywords.

Lately we also felt there is a need for better services to assist MSME segment. So we started business consulting services related to ERP applications from software industries, with like-minded people who are ready to help and fulfil our vision, to support the MSME community and for well being of all.

Open Source Technology Consulting Services for Manufacturing Industries

We are a leading consulting & implementation partner for cloud-based enterprise systems & ERP software focused on SME's at affordable costs. We train and educate small business voluntarily for free to transform their business with the latest tools & technologies. Also, we take initiatives at large to understand your business at the core and provide you with solutions that have an impact on your enterprise and help your business grow & succeed.

Moreover we look forward to help small businesses with new ways of doing marketing and business because our tools and technology predominately supports the startups and the small & medium enterprises

We see still today, small scale manufacturing businesses are backed by a legacy accounting system with no collaboration and with no updates, so we want to see small businesses, transform themselves with our technology services & latest systems from leading industry.

Today cloud-based enterprise systems are performing extremely well for small businesses, because they are cost effective for your enterprise. Cloud ERP systems are highly efficient, collaborative, configurable, scalable, secure, tested and reliable for small and medium enterprises and most of all an integrated business solution. So ideally it is game-changing for all small scale manufacturing.

Modules such as Manufacturing, Subcontracting & Inventory Management, Production Planning, Scheduling, Demand Forecasting, Finance &Accounting and CRM are integrated to form workflows designed for small business, wholly focused on Software as a Service (SaaS).

Transforming the Micro Small & Medum Enterprises

Sharing Knowledge about Products and Services for well being of Micro Enterprises

ERP, CRM, Accounting, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Advertising,

Email Marketing, FB Ads, Google Ads, OpenCart, WordPress etc.

We understand it is hard to change people and organization, but we believe change as an opportunity for growth, and the new technology can change lives and give peace of mind doing business with ease

Today we are here to fill this gap bringing people and business to mobile, apps and to the cloud

We helps firms evaluate and select software, implement software and navigate organizational changes to ensure clients realize the full benefits of their enterprise software projects

We also offer our clients IT strategy, business process re-engineering, IT staffing, project management and oversight support on ERP post implementation

Our focus is not only on the right ERP selection process but on successful implementation of the projects within a minimum planned duration, to get things started

And improvement are made continuously to refine and drive our clients business goals on long run


Understand our client problems and provide them with a solution that suits their needs

When it is about SEO or Digital Marketing, we help our clients increase their web traffic and sales which help them grow their business. We also provide in-depth Google analytic reporting services to make our customer understand the true value of digital marketing and to measure conversion rate

When it is about business solutions, we evaluate our clients’ needs and provide them with a solution which fits their domain and processes. We have experience of varied business cloud solutions on the market for small and medium businesses and thus we provide high-touch expertise to each client to ensure they are benefited by using the right solution

To continuously innovate, do market research analysis and give back to the community


Stay committed to our efforts and help our clients for free to get winning solutions

Work mostly for MSME's & SME's to uplift them from the ground, through our strategic business planning and consulting services.


We apply our proven methodology to all areas of our customers’ organization including infrastructure, management, audit services and technology

And provides input and leadership proven to minimize risk, accelerate implementation progress and increase the success and value of Enterprise Software Project

We’re a very small team and we don’t want to be big. We’re solely focused on building really strong offerings in the areas that we’re good at

There is no higher religion than human services. To work for the common good is the greatest creed - Woodrow Wilson